IDEMIA Banking anywhere, anytime

Banking anywhere, anytime

We promise services that keep up with today’s hyper connected, need-it-now lifestyles.

Open a bank account from home only with help of your smartphone is a new reality and it takes much less time. There’s no need to visit your bank branch anymore to benefit securely from bank services. If you’ve ever lost your wallet, you know the nightmare of a lost bank card – you need to cancel the card, order a new one and then wait days, if not weeks, for a replacement. IDEMIA’s innovations in card issuance allow banks to provide replacement cards on the spot, guaranteeing that customers continue to spend using a secure payment method. On top of it, they can also select a personalized card design and PIN code. Subscribing to a new contract – credit loan, new payment card – can be done remotely as well, with the same legal value as an in-person signature.