Harnessing the speed and power of iris recognition on mobile devices


For mobile device manufacturers, there is no doubting the performance of iris recognition technology. Not only does it offer the high level of security being demanded by customers for their transactions, iris recognition provides hassle-free authentication with just a glance. With BioNetra, OEMs1 and ODMs2 can now access the most advanced iris expertise in the world, and integrate that technology into Android mobile devices.

A complete Reference Design Kit and a Software Development Kit are provided, covering all the required specifications. To provide end-users with greater flexibility, BioNetra can use the front camera for self-capture or the rear camera for assisted capture. The iris biometrics can then be compared against a template stored on-device for authentication, or against the template held by a remote server. Processing is completed in less than 500 milliseconds, while anti-spoofing measures are built into the design of BioNetra.

1 Original Equipment Manufacturers
2 Original Design Manufacturers

Easy to deploy

With BioNetra, OEMs and ODMs are provided with all the elements needed for integration, including platform, camera module, LED and supporting circuitry specifications, reference drivers, and iris biometric workflow.


Along with world-class biometric matching algorithms, the accuracy of BioNetra is ensured by a range of anti-spoofing measures, including liveness detection.

Safe and user-friendly

A glance is enough for BioNetra to capture and process the image of an iris. This contactless technology enables device manufacturers to offer next-generation security to end-users.

< 500
milliseconds, to process both irises
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