Combining multiple usages in one card


As our financial transactions multiply, so do the size of our wallets. Consumers need to find a safe home for a growing variety of cards, along with separate cards for joint accounts or multiple currencies. Banks are looking for a convenient way to offer their customers instalment or instant financing. With BLINK card, banks can include debit, credit and prepaid on a single card. Another possibility is to offer a card with predefined instalment options, giving customers the choice of paying the whole amount, or spreading the cost over a set number of months. BLINK will make their customers’ lives easier and will also bring new revenue streams to issuers with a ‘top-of-wallet’ effect as the preferred payment card.

The key feature of BLINK is its ease of use. A button activates the card and allows the user to select the required application, with the choice being confirmed by the blinking of a corresponding LED. All the applications available in the EMV chip can be used in either contact or contactless format. BLINK works in any existing EMV terminal without any selection required on the POS terminal.

All-in-one simplicity

Issuers can offer an innovative solution that allows customers to combine debit and credit cards; personal, joint and corporate accounts; instalment and multi-currency options; all in a contact or contactless transaction.

Increased revenues and loyalty

By capturing the credit spending of a debit customer, or the payments made by instalment, banks can increase their revenues significantly, while also strengthening the customer’s brand loyalty to their bank.

Ease of use

Intuitive with its use of LEDs and convenient with its ISO-standard format, BLINK makes life easy for customers and merchants alike.

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