Cryptosmart SIM-powered

Offering governmental security for civilian smartphones

Cryptosmart SIM-powered

Highly secure communications used to be reserved almost exclusively for governmental personnel and national leaders. Not anymore. As the risk of cyber-attacks continues to grow, major corporations are looking for ever-higher levels of encryption to protect the calls, text messages and files of senior executives.

To meet those needs, IDEMIA offers Cryptosmart SIM-powered, a solution for users of Samsung smartphones and tablets equipped with the Knox security system. With this solution, Mobile Network Operators are able to promote a new market offering to their high-value B2B customers.

Harnessing the power of advanced cryptography, Cryptosmart SIM-powered is based on a “Restricted Distribution” certification solution delivered by ANSSI and NATO. The beauty of this solution? Despite the advanced security, the user experience remains unchanged after a device is equipped with Cryptosmart SIM-powered.

Highly secure

Security is provided through end-to-end encryption of voice, data and SMS communications, plus local data protection and the ability to remotely wipe the device.

Seamless experience

Security, connectivity and an unaltered user experience of the Samsung device.

Easy to distribute

No specific phone or cumbersome manipulation need to be performed.

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