Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) solution

Supporting a country’s decision-making process regarding visa waivers

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) solution IDEMIA

Processing foreign travelers is one of the main responsibilities of border and immigration agencies. The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) enables them to process a visa waiver. Indeed, eTA is usually needed for visa-exempt foreign travelers visiting some countries. It allows a country to screen travelers before they arrive, thus increasing security.

As an important data source within the global border control process, eTA can be used by risk analysis systems. It helps facilitate the decision-making process of authorities where foreigners are concerned, whether they are traveling to or in transit from their country.

By performing the risk analysis earlier in the process, eTA also ensures better management of the flow of travelers. It facilitates border clearance for bona fide travelers while helping to detect persons of interest, and identify suspicious patterns.

With IDEMIA’s eTA solution, governments can add a significant technological enhancement to their border control risk management solution, thereby increasing security and convenience at all border crossing points.

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  • Convenience for travelers

    The eTA request can be completed anywhere, anytime through IDEMIA’s ergonomic online travel authorization application.

  • Increased security

    Thanks to the integration of the solution with external systems, border authorities benefit from automated vetting functionality, and can focus their resources on handling exceptions.

  • Enhanced management at borders

    With IDEMIA’s eTA solution, governments can rely on an effective tool to streamline the processing of travelers who possess a visa waiver.


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