Greener technologies for our environment

For an industrial company such as Morpho – and especially as a leading provider of identity & solutions – protecting the environment means first and foremost managing the risks involved in our business.

We do this through a series of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and preserving natural resources. As a Gold Partner of EcoVadis, the first collaborative platform providing supplier sustainability ratings to support responsible purchasing, we belong to the top 10% companies of our industry in terms of sustainable development.

Our experts have also invested a lot in supporting also our customers directly in upholding their environmental commitments. One example is the new PLA card, answering the growing need for cards that are better for the environment. Morpho is meeting this demand with a biodegradable payment card made of PLA (polylactic acid) instead of PVC. PLA is made from a natural, renewable source: corn. The material used is 100% organic and free of genetically modified organisms. Due to the nature of PLA, the total carbon footprint of the card is better than that of PVC, including incineration. Morpho's PLA card can be equipped with contact and dual interface technology, certified by MasterCard, Visa and GIE CB. Specified by CQM banking standards, the card is built for three years in the field. Due to its natural composition, PLA is CO2-neutral when incinerated and decomposed in industrial compost plants. It doesn't emit chlorine when incinerated.

All this does not compromise security, as the "green cards" are also based on Morpho's innovative and secure card body technology. Apart from PLA, the finished card elements are identical to the card in PVC; modules, for example, are the same as on the traditional cards.

An important French bank has already ordered a significant number of Morpho's PLA card.

Our ‘bio-plastic' payment card creates new possibilities for banks to live up to their environmental responsibilities, promote their image and launch new marketing campaigns. It will become an important key for differentiation in the market.
Philippe Bertiaux, Vice President and General Manager of the Payment Business Unit at Morpho