IDEMIA 3D face

Enhancing accuracy and convenience with advanced liveness detection

IDEMIA 3D face

When biometric security is integrated into appliances, they become vastly more secure than simple passcode-secured ones. That’s why, at IDEMIA, we have made it our mission to secure devices and data with biometric security – through fingerprint, iris and face recognition technology, for example.

IDEMIA’s new 3D Face Recognition solution allows an enhanced accurate biometric authentication that combines speed and robustness. It calculates the precise 3D geometry of the face captured by a dedicated 3D sensor. The unique facial features of the user are then compared with the ones already stored in the device for instant matching.

This solution targets OEMs.


The 3D technology provides full liveness detection through a precise analysis of the face structure for an unparalleled security level.


3D Face recognition provides great user experience in addition to effortless security. No specific action is required from the end-user and the use of invisible infra-red light makes the technology non-intrusive.

Market reach

3D Face recognition works on all new Android phones. Its Reference Design Kit (RDK) will soon be available for easy deployment on mobile devices.

As a result of the integration of IDEMIA's technology, the Samsung SDS FIDO solution—previously available with fingerprint capability—is now enhanced with face authentication. By adding face recognition technology to our FIDO solution, we will be able to deliver enhanced value to our enterprise customers to accelerate market penetration.

James Choi, Vice President, Mobile Payment Business, Samsung SDS
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