IDEMIA Identity Platform

Securing digital identity proofing, management and authentication

IDEMIA Identity Platform

In a digital world where customers expect smooth access to services anytime and anywhere, and where identity theft and fraud risks are higher than ever before, the need to securely onboard and verify a customer’s identity is critical for enterprises. A solution that provides a secure and seamless user experience, while mitigating fraud and complying with regulations, is key to an enterprise’s success in the market.

The IDEMIA Identity Platform is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of a digital identity from the moment that it is created to its use for secure and trusted enrollment and authentication. It enables enterprises, including banks, FinTechs, mobile operators, and retailers to enroll, manage, and authenticate the digital identities of their customers.

This powerful solution is built on a modular, API-first framework. It is flexible enough to handle the varying needs of each enterprise and the specificity of local identity frameworks and regulations. The platform is scalable to the point that it can be integrated with legacy systems and third-party sources for a full spectrum of identity proofing, management, compliance and authentication.

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  • Adaptable

    This platform provides the flexibility and configurability businesses need to define their customized offerings based on their requirements, frameworks, regulations and workflows.

  • Interoperable

    This solution offers a cloud-based service for maximum scalability and availability, regardless of location. A single API unifies all ID verification and management processes, connecting to trusted internal or external sources.

  • Compliant

    This platform enables enterprises to meet the stringent and ever-changing regulatory and standards requirements for digital identity: Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), watchlist exclusions and more.

Securing access to services with trusted digital identities
Securing access to services with trusted digital identities
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  • Liveness detection

    IDEMIA’s liveness detection technology has successfully passed independent third-party testing for Presentation Attack Detection (PAD).

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