Identity Management

Creating, storing and managing trusted identities

Identity Management IDEMIA

Identity management is at the heart of a successful digital engagement strategy. IDEMIA’s Identity Management platform enables service providers to rely on trusted identities and a reliable customer database over time to provide an outstanding experience from onboarding to the delivery of high-value and personalized services.

This platform gives enterprises the ability to create, store, and authenticate digital identities with a high level of security. It ensures identity lifecycle management, permitting enterprises to enrich identities over time, and to guarantee their security and accuracy. For instance, digital identities may be enriched over time by collecting additional attributes, such as fingerprints or third-party data. This ensures continued compliance with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and 3Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and also enables customers to access more value-added services.

This solution also supports biometric de-duplication, which ensures the uniqueness and quality of an identity.

More reliable databases

The Identity Management platform enables enterprises to maintain a clean and sanitized database with de-duplicated and updated data over time. It guarantees better performance and reliability and prevents data corruption and security breaches for improved and highly secure customer services.

Enhanced customer engagement

Easy integration and custom workflows enable enterprises to streamline services and benefit from higher conversion rates. Thanks to the Identity Management platform enterprises can leverage customer insights to create personalized experiences that drive engagement across all channels and devices.

Easy customization and integration

Using IDEMIA’s web-based ID orchestrator tool, enterprises can easily define and integrate their own identity workflows including proofing, management and authentication according to local regulatory frameworks, available data sources and specific business needs.

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