The ecosystem to manage your population’s identity


A trusted, legal identity is the basis to access rights and benefits such as education, voting, healthcare, financial services or welfare benefits. Yet today, one in three children under five is unenrolled and still over one billion people in the world still lack a form of legal ID altogether. To address this challenge governments need a unique and trustworthy identity management system, enabling the inclusion of their whole population.

IDEMIA designed the IDway solution to efficiently manage the identities of all the different population subsets, such as citizens, residents, visitors and refugees. This solution consists of several interoperable components, working together as a unified system to orchestrate various ID registries – Civil Registry, Document Registries, Social Welfare Registry etc.

It enables governments to provide sustainable credentials allowing every individual to be recognized by public and private services in person or online and to ensure each citizen is delivered a strong, unique legal ID from birth, valid throughout life.

A trusted identity from birth

Our solution provides every individual with a secure unique legal identity from birth, valid for life. This unique foundational identity is a robust basis to authenticate individuals and deliver trustworthy credentials.

Seamless integration

Each individual’s identity is managed throughout different domains such as Civil Registry, ID Card Registry, Passport Registry, social welfare registry etc. Information and resources are pooled and not duplicated. This ensures data protection and privacy whilst keeping continuously up-to-date information.


Each component is modular to specific country needs thus allowing the overall solution to be tailor-made, adapted to existing infrastructure as well as evolutive when necessary without needing to replace the entire system.

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