MorphoCivis Suite

Ensuring trusted and reliable identities 

MorphoCivis Suite
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A trusted identity document proves the authenticity and uniqueness of the holder and is the basis for the granting of rights, privileges and services. IDEMIA’s MorphoCivis Suite is designed to meet the world’s growing challenges: mobility, digitalization, security, efficiency while combating fraud. MorphoCivis Suite is a comprehensive set of solutions for issuing trusted identities, from demographic and biometric data registration to identity verification, creation and management to the document personalization, issuance and lifecycle management.

Field proven, MorphoCivis Suite allows modular adaptation and close control of costing while ensuring consistent and excellent quality. The produced ID has the potential to be used in a plethora of ways – to access financial services; to travel (accessing automated border control), to securely access online services using authentication factors (such as fingerprints or face recognition) and devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

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    The solution enables governments to reduce costs-of-ownership and deployment leadtime, and to focus on their Identity Management processes rather investing in large scale in-house IT development. IDEMIA is the only company with proven large scale off-the- shelf solution deployment covering all the necessary technologies (smart identity documents, systems, multi-biometrics, terminals and integration services).
    MorphoCivis Suite is delivered as a set of components that are independent and fully scalable. Components can be integrated into an existing system or delivered as a completely integrated new system.
    Each component of the solution is designed to detect threat patterns and to fight several types of identity fraud, in compliance with privacy and international regulations.

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