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Since the democratization of PCs and the emergence of the first mobile phones, consumer devices have become the catalysts for a wide range of digital services providing everyone ever-increasing accessibility and mobility to perform everyday activities. Frictionless connectivity and security of user credentials and data are the two pillars to deliver the optimum user experience and to ensure service adoption.

PEARL Connect by IDEMIA combines security capabilities of previous PEARL eSE generations with eSIM capabilities for seamless management of connectivity to cellular networks. It enables manufacturers to produce connected objects such as smartphones, smart watches and laptops with a dedicated interface to integrate payment, access control, transport and many other functions securely. PEARL Connect also comes with strong means of authentication, including state-of- the-art biometrics.



    PEARL Connect ensures the privacy of users’ data and applications. It is certified by major payment actors including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and China UnionPay. It also complies with latest GSMA eSIM specifications for consumer devices.
    PEARL Connect saves space in the devices and simplifies the supply chain for OEMs by combining for the first time the eSE and eSIM functions in a single chip.
    PEARL previous generations have been adopted by leading handset and wearable device makers to secure critical use cases: over 250 million units are already deployed in the field. PEARL Connect also inherits IDEMIA’s expertise in eSIM in both wearable and PC devices.
We have been collaborating with IDEMIA on both eSE & eSIM for previous Ticwatch versions and are pleased to trust them again for the new products. In the field of smart watches, where the space constraints are so important, being able to benefit from a combined product like the one proposed by IDEMIA with PEARL Connect is truly revolutionary.

ZhiFei Li, Founder & CEO of Mobvoi

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