Ensuring a safe environment for the IoT from the connected object to the Cloud


In offices, homes and factories around the world, the Internet of Things is giving us more control over what we do – and making our lives a little easier. Pacemakers or glucometers used for remote patient monitoring or security equipment such as surveillance cameras, smart locks and alarms that can be controlled from hundreds of miles away have all made IoT a part of today’s world. But is it safe? Too often, the answer is ‘no.’ Companies are at risk of a potentially devastating attack by hackers, who might target an IT system, a network connection, or a single remote IoT device.

IDEMIA, a world leader in secure solutions, has developed M-TRUST to help equipment OEMs and Mobile Network Operators protect their customers from these threats. M-TRUST provides end-to-end security between connected devices and application servers. It is no longer necessary to piece together different products from multiple vendors. Each device has an identity, typically stored in a secure element, which is shared with the server. That identity can then be authenticated to prevent device cloning, with advanced encryption/decryption protecting the confidentiality of the data being exchanged and ensuring the trusted execution of commands.

M-TRUST also includes solutions for managing security policies and access rights, as well as code signing to verify that software or firmware updates have been sent by authorized vendors and have not been tampered with.

Clearly, security is a moving target and organizations need to know if they have been attacked by hackers. M-TRUST also provides mobile operators and OEMs with detailed reports and transaction logs to track any malicious attempts to penetrate their networks.

Effective security measures

From device to server, and each network layer in between, IDEMIA’s M-TRUST provides security measures for every level of an IoT infrastructure. Managed in our certified data centers as a service (SaaS) or installed in our clients’ premises, it brings top-level end-to-end security.

Accessible management tools

M-TRUST by IDEMIA provides users with the reporting tools and transaction logs needed to identify attempted breaches of their networks.

Proven track record

M-TRUST builds on IDEMIA’s expertise in delivering security solutions based on trusted identities to governments, network operators and financial institutions worldwide.

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