IDEMIA Citizen Identity

Citizen Identity

Protecting identity on the move

A person’s identity is precious. One could argue that it is the second most precious thing after life itself. It allows us to exist in the eyes of society as well as to take an active part in it: access education and health services or open a bank account. As such, throughout our lifetime, we need a trusted identity that can be used anywhere, anytime – whether in real life or online.

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Identity protection for the modern age

IDEMIA’s services help to protect citizens’ identities on the move. Inspired by citizens who travel more than ever before, who are more connected and digital than ever but also more aware of privacy and security concerns, our solutions ensure citizens and governments alike that each delivered identity is unique and can be trusted, whenever and wherever.

IDEMIA’s one-stop-shop

For our customers - governments - we are the unique one-stop-shop that can effectively manage and secure the entire value chain from registration and verification of citizens’ identities, to issuing personalized IDs that resist fraud – in the form of traditional ID documents or digital IDs – to managing those identities securely both in the physical and digital world. We are also a longstanding partner able to offer them the peace of mind of a well-run concession by handling technology complexities and financing.

Drawing upon decades of experience in both turnkey identity solutions as well as large scale concessions, we provide our customers with the widest range of identity solutions. Today, citizens can effortlessly protect their identity – whenever and wherever they need.


Our identity is precious. It allows us to exist in the eyes of society as well as to take an active part in it. IDEMIA promises to protect identities with the highest level of security – in both the physical and digital worlds.

Augmented identity

Identity is our most valued possession – yet it is not locked up, it’s in our pockets and on our phones. But Augmented Identity guarantees that while we can do more with it than ever before, it remains our own.