IDEMIA Connected Objects

Connected Objects

Securing the identity of objects and users

Today, efficiently managing the identity of objects and users is essential as new security concerns emerge. On one hand, billions of devices are now connected to cellular or non-cellular networks requiring security by design to protect data from objects to the cloud. On the other hand, frictionless user access control both physically and digitally is a must to protect enterprise sensitive assets and user data.

industrial OEMs (including premium mobile and car makers and leading IoT players) trust us
biometric devices deployed worldwide
embedded secure elements distributed

Transforming access control with biometrics

All around the world our biometric devices help individuals prove who they are, without a doubt. They deliver an unrivalled user experience for managing either physical or digital identities. Our innovative access and time terminals guarantee approved individuals a frictionless access to secured areas and enable organizations to increase workforce management efficiency.

End-to-end solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)

With the rapid uptake of connected devices, from personal computers to domestic or industrial appliances, better managing the Identity of Things is a must for Consumer OEMs and IoT service providers alike. At IDEMIA, we combine security and convenience in order to help them flexibly manage connectivity, secure devices and protect data in terms of confidentiality, integrity and control of shared information. Ultimately, our goal is to transform and optimize the end-user experience.

Reinventing the driver experience

With secure connectivity and biometrics, one of our ambitions is to redefine how vehicles are used and to accelerate the adoption of new mobility services for more enjoyable and safer rides. We are proud to say that leading car vendors trust us to manage the connectivity of their vehicles and this is just a start. Our automotive solutions will enable customized services in connected and autonomous vehicles that combine digital ID, the distribution of digital keys, biometrics for in-car payment as well as driver attention and drowsiness detection.

At IDEMIA, we make it our mission to secure the identity of objects and users. We tap into our expertise in biometrics, data security, connectivity and identity management to ensure that our OEM clients as well as end-users can thrive in the Internet of Things era in total trust.


From wearables and personal computers to domestic appliances and industrial machinery, connectivity is changing our lives and our world. IDEMIA promises to continue to innovate and push the industry forward, but never at the price of security.

Augmented Identity

Whatever the IoT need at hand, IDEMIA adapts security levels to ensure that only you are in total control of your connected devices. This is exactly what Augmented Identity is all about.