IDEMIA Public Security

Public Security

Protecting people and places

Travel isn’t what it used to be! People today are in constant motion – moving faster and traveling further than ever before. While this spike in movement around the globe brings our societies closer, it also generates new demands for increased efficiency and safety for public authorities.

in police biometric systems & world largest supplier of biometric terminals
million passenger crossings managed
AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification) systems deployed around the world

Finding the right balance

We live in a challenging environment. Today, citizens demand efficient and transparent identity verification that creates a safer world, yet has very little impact on their daily life. To meet this expectation, authorities are tasked with identifying risks and threats and solving crime in less time than ever – often with limited budgets and resources. And while greater volumes of data are now available, it’s not necessarily usable.

Fortifying the user experience

As the world leader in biometric solutions, our fully integrated solutions and innovations focus on the user experience, allowing our customers to do more with less. This commitment has helped us to earn our place as a long-standing strategic partner of the most prestigious law enforcement agencies in the world by addressing the world’s major security challenges. And as technology evolves, we are committed to advancing our solutions as well. We now combine digital and cloud expertise to bring unparalleled efficiency and next-generation user experiences to our customers.

Through our latest innovations, we make it our mission to detect threats in public areas, securely grant access to premises and physical assets, strengthen border security and help police drastically improve efficiency.


A trusted, ironclad identity for everyone is the first step in making our world a safer, more secure place. IDEMIA promises to use the most innovative identification solutions to support law enforcement agents and ease the minds of citizens around the planet.

Augmented identity

We dreamed of a new way forward in identity verification. One that guarantees safety without compromising freedom. We call it Augmented Identity – and it’s changing how we travel and how we’re kept safe.