MorphoWave Desktop

Capturing four fingerprints in less than a second

IDEMIA MorphoWave Desktop

Fingerprint biometrics has a key role to play in a vast range of applications – from voter registration and program enrolment to access control and financial services. Whatever the application, organizations need to be sure of their ability to match individuals’ fingerprints with identities. The challenge is to collect fingerprints quickly, efficiently and with the highest level of accuracy.

IDEMIA meets the need for fast, reliable fingerprint capture with a patented, touchless 3-dimensional acquisition solution. MorphoWave Desktop by IDEMIA scans and processes simultaneously four fingerprints with a single hand movement over its large contactless scanning surface. This sequence lasting less than a second, MorphoWave Desktop is then capable of enrolling all 10 fingerprints (2 slaps* and 2 thumbs) in under 5 seconds. In addition, the 3D technology captures more than just ridges but also surface, shape and curvature of fingers, resulting in a 20%+ higher hit rate than any competing solution (based on an independent study) and a proven compatibility with standard flat and rolled fingerprint databases and AFIS systems.

MorphoWave Desktop provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by traditional finger scanning systems: it copes with wet and dry fingers, mitigates hygiene concerns and is robust against external light and dust. Its single compact design with no moving parts ensures a seamless integration into a host of identity verification equipment including kiosks, e-gates and turnstiles.

*Flat scan of fingerprints (except thumbs), as opposed to rolled scans

Fast and convenient

Users simply wave their right or left hand in any direction over the device’s scanner to have their fingerprints registered or verified.

High acquisition quality

The touchless 3D technology captures richer images than conventional sensors. FBI PIV IQS certified, MorphoWave Desktop is compatible with standard flat and rolled fingerprint databases for both verification and identification.

Reliable to operate

MorphoWave Desktop meets the challenges faced by conventional scanning systems: easy capture of wet/dry fingers, no latent prints left on scanner, robustness to environmental factors (external light, dust).

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