A modern passport for a modern life

Follow Susan's life and discover the evolution of passports throughout the decades.

From 1994 to 2030, the format and texture of the passport has changed. From a simple paper travel document, it has become an electronic document containing details about our unique features, our biometrics, allowing us to experience secure and fluid travel.

  • How did the passport become such a powerful document that facilitates seamless travel?
  • And how can we combat the growing challenge of passport fraud?

To shed light on this, we invite you to join us in following the life of Susan, a citizen of Abroadia. Susan was born in 1994; like many citizens, she enjoys traveling. Each new adventure leads her to uncover the vast importance of this gateway to the world: her passport.

From the paper passport to the electronic and biometric passport, including the most sophisticated security features, this document tells the story of Susan’s life. We can also go as far as saying that it also tells the story of the evolution of our world: the development of global tourism.

Ushering in the advent of a new security paradigm at the turn of the millennium, the passport evolved with the boom in air traffic. The passport evolution also reflects the disturbing increase in identity fraud—and the need to further protect citizen’s identities, as well as the profound digital trends transforming our societies.

Like each of us, Susan embarks on every journey with her passport in hand. Let us join her as she makes new discoveries, including the advancements in technology that transformed her passport throughout the decades—of which we promise to reveal some secrets!

A modern passport for a modern life

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