Passengers at the Bengaluru airport in India can now board with a simple wave of the hand

Launched in March of this year, Safran Identity & Security and Bengaluru International Airport Limited are deploying an electronic boarding process for domestic flights.

Public Security & Identity

The system uses the passenger's unique Aadhaar identification number to biometrically authenticate passengers in real time, from arrival at the airport through boarding. Each checkpoint features MorphoWave high-speed and touchless biometric technology to facilitate the passenger processing. In less than a second, this device captures four fingerprints and matches them against the Aadhaar database.  An automated process generates considerable time savings for an airport like Bengaluru, which experienced a 22% increase in passengers in 2016, rising to 22 million. Passengers will be able to pass these checkpoints much quicker, and no longer have to constantly show their ID documents & boarding pass/e-ticket.

Supported by staff members who are available if needed, passengers who already have an Aadhaar number use self-service check-in machines, to enroll themselves in our system & validate their identities. Then they authenticate themselves at a control gate equipped with a MorphoWave scanner, to prove that they have a ticket. In India, only persons with tickets are allowed to enter airport terminals. Passengers then go through a first biometric gate to reach the check-in area, and then a second biometric gate, entering a restricted access security zone. The third biometric access, is checked by a police officer to reach the boarding zone. When boarding, a staff member uses a tablet to check their boarding pass before entering the plane.  

Bengaluru is the first airport to use a biometric identification process based on Aadhaar ID numbers, offering a thoroughly modern passenger experience that will contribute to the digital transformation of India. Indian passengers with a driver license (which also contains their fingerprints), and passengers with a biometric passport from other countries can also take advantage of this e-boarding system. When checking in, they are assisted by a police officer, who scans their passport and boarding card, and saves their fingerprints to ensure traceability.