Situational Awareness for transportation hubs

Optimizing incident detection and response with advanced video analytics

Situational Awareness for transportation hubs IDEMIA

Transportation hubs such as terminals of airports, rail and underground stations are some of the most densely populated sites in the urban environment, which makes them a target of choice for malicious perpetrators. Keeping these places safe while guaranteeing a seamless journey for commuters and travelers is a real challenge for pubic authorities and security officers. In today’s data-driven world, their objective is to use the available data to prevent safety and security incidents from happening in the first place.

Enhanced video analytics technology can turn a simple video camera into a smart device that provides real-time insights. This allows operators to better manage the security of sensitive places such as mass transportation hubs. However, alerts from these systems without actionable, efficient processes behind them remain just noise.

IDEMIA’s Situational Awareness solution combines the most intuitive command and control software solution on the market with IDEMIA’s advanced video analytics platform. The combination of a post-event investigative approach with real-time action enhances the effectiveness of incident response and ensures incident prevention.

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  • Flexibility

    It is possible to plug as many IP sensors as needed into IDEMIA’s Situational Awareness solution or focus on security incident response only.

  • Holistic citizen protection

    The solution can support a large variety of missions, including the capabilities to detect and respond to natural, health or technological disasters.

  • Efficiency

    IDEMIA’s Situational Awareness solution helps detect threats quickly, analyze the situation in real time, and decide and respond as quickly as possible, based on as much intelligence as possible.

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