Smart Monitoring QoE

Improving the mobile customer experience

IDEMIA Smart Monitoring QoE

As mobile connectivity becomes an almost essential part of daily life, Mobile Network Operators face two key challenges – ensuring a quality service to consumers, and making the right investment decisions to improve their networks. Neither are easy tasks. And the same demand for service quality also applies to connected devices within the Internet of Things. To address these challenges MNOs need fast, accurate data on network performance – as experienced by the customer or from the connected object’s perspective. IDEMIA’s Smart Monitoring solution meets that very need.

The Smart Monitoring platform collects, aggregates and reports customer-based network data from a broad set of Key Performance Indicators – chosen by the MNO – in real time. These KPIs, such as calls per day per access technology, their drop/success rate, and video streaming performance, can then be used to produce a score for the quality of the customer experience, supported by coverage and performance maps.

The Smart Monitoring solution also helps MNOs to diagnose service disruption. This means that issues can be resolved quickly, call centers can provide precise answers to subscriber queries, and overall customer satisfaction can be improved.

One of the key strengths of IDEMIA Smart Monitoring is its ability to monitor subscribers and connected devices when they are roaming and even when there is no network coverage. It is therefore providing relevant information to the MNOs where their network probes cannot reach.

Equally important, the platform provides operators with vital business intelligence about their networks, helping them to take decisions about areas that are currently not sufficiently covered or that require 5G infrastructure investment. The ability to track the KPIs over time is another valuable resource in that decision-making process, as well as the capability to get quick evaluation of recently deployed services.

Higher quality of service

By improving customer satisfaction, IDEMIA’s Smart Monitoring solution increases mobile subscriber loyalty and retention.

Faster response times

Real-time data from the Smart Monitoring platform helps MNOs to rapidly identify and resolve network issues as they arise.

Better investment decisions

By building up data on network performance over time, Smart Monitoring helps MNOs to make the right infrastructure investments.

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