Software Signature

Authenticating the software used by connected objects

Software Signature IDEMIA

From aircraft engines to offshore wind farms, or from industrial machinery to retail systems, the number of connected and intelligent devices keeps growing. Ensuring the security of their software and protecting their data against hacking and alteration has become essential for day-to-day operations. In short, the software being downloaded must be from an authenticated source and, conversely, the data being transmitted by the device must be trustworthy. IDEMIA’s Software Signature solution meets these requirements.

The cycle starts by authenticating the user who wishes to send the software, and verifying his authorization to do so. A software signature, along with a generated certificate and time stamp, is then added to the code prior to transmission. In turn, the receiving device checks that the code has arrived from an expected source and that the code and signatures are not corrupted. Any modification is detected instantly, while the same process is applied in the reverse direction for the uploading of data. From production to usage, software and data security, along with traceability, are all guaranteed.

Advanced data and software security

The multi-layered approach to security used in the Software Signature solution ensures that individuals, signatures, certificates and transmissions all have to be identified and authenticated in order to complete the process.

Full process traceability

Every step of the process is automatically logged and time-stamped, and a proof file is generated before all the relevant information is stored in a legally-binding archive as a permanent record.

Broad application scope

The Software Signature solution can be adapted to a wide range of industries, applications and connected devices, ensuring the safe delivery of either new software or updates to existing programs, along with the reliability of the data generated.

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