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Solving lost luggage issues with AI-powered ALIX™

Digital luggage tag solution IDEMIA

Every year, more than 1 million pieces of luggage are lost worldwide. Not only is this a major headache for travelers, it also significantly tarnishes the brand image of airlines (and damages their finances!). With ALIX™ (Augmented Luggage Identification eXperience) – IDEMIA’s solution empowered by artificial intelligence (AI) – airlines can provide each bag with an augmented digital luggage tag.

This innovation enables operators to automate the lost luggage search process by identifying luggage that has lost its physical tag using only the initial images of the bag.

Designed with and for lost luggage operators, ALIX™ is a breakthrough solution that includes a baggage identification engine offering a new approach that will help airlines reduce the number of unidentifiable bags and boost customer satisfaction.

ALIX™ is a comprehensive solution build around two components:

  • ALIX™ Arch: a high-quality image capture device that creates augmented digital luggage tags
  • ALIX™ Core: a cloud-based SaaS platform that identifies the bag and retrieves the augmented digital luggage tag

Easy to interface with existing IT systems, ALIX™ is scalable and rapidly operational out in the field.

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  • Optimized operations

    ALIX™ significantly enhances the lost luggage search process and the cost efficiency associated with unidentified baggage.

  • Reliability and accuracy

    Already deployed in partnership with Air France, ALIX™ generates a digital luggage tag to effectively and rapidly identify bags that have lost their physical tags.

  • Easy to integrate solution

    ALIX™ offers seamless integration into existing IT operational systems and easy installation in the baggage handling area.

ALIX, IDEMIA’s lost luggage identification solution powered by AI
ALIX, IDEMIA’s lost luggage identification solution powered by AI
Reducing the number of lost luggage with ALIX

Reducing the number of lost luggage with ALIX

Every year, luggage are lost in transit worldwide. Often this happens because the identification tag has been lost. When this happens, this is a source of stress for passengers. Existing search processes are ineffective and very costly for the airlines. With ALIX operators can identify tagless luggage using high-resolution images.

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