Apple Pay to launch with JCB in Japan supported by OT’s digital enablement solutions

During its keynote this month, Apple announced the upcoming launch of Apple Pay in Japan. JCB, the leading international payment network in the country, will bring mobile payments to iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2 customers once the service becomes available in October 2016.

JCB will leverage an agnostic, scalable digitization and tokenization platform. This advanced platform, the JCB Token Platform (JTP), was developed in collaboration with OT (Oberthur Technologies), leveraging its next generation digital payment enablement solution. It allows not only JCB, but also its issuing and processing partners to integrate with Apple Pay and offer real-time enrolment, provisioning and tokenization capabilities.

At OT, we are convinced that digital payments will change the way we shop, pay and save, by bringing convenience, security and added value to the payment experience. We are thrilled to be participating in the next wave in Japan. We are looking forward to shaping the future of payments with our partner JCB.