Foundational ID systems

We enable governments to protect the physical and digital identity of individuals by creating a unique foundational ID.

Protecting a citizen’s identity and offering a robust, long-lasting solution is crucial for any identity management system. Behind every trusted identity lies a series of steps that are needed to deliver the highest security standards, from enrollment to issuance (of a physical or digital identity), and extending through ID use.

Our solution is compliant with the Open Standard Identity APIs (OSIA) initiative, which ensures global interoperability across government identity ecosystems. It addresses governments’ needs for simplicity, speed of deployment, and choice.

A unique foundational ID from birth

Our solution provides each individual with a secure, unique legal ID that is valid from birth and lasts throughout the citizen’s life. This foundational ID is based on a multibiometric engine, and provides a robust basis for authenticating individuals and for issuing both physical and digital credentials.

We help governments manage population records with a robust and interoperable infrastructure. We also offer an integrated CRVS solution to record vital events and issue certificates and process vital events-related data. It relies on a Unique Identifier (UID) assigned at birth registration.

Preserving the state’s “root of trust” for a secure digital identity

IDEMIA’s solutions enable governments to leverage a state-issued identity as a “root of trust” to provide eServices. The digital form of the foundational ID not only protects individuals in their daily lives, but also nurtures the digital economy by providing a reliable basis for its growth. IDEMIA’s digital identity solutions help streamline the administration processes for governments and develop new channels of communication with citizens and residents. Our digital identity solutions also play a strategic and trusted role in brokering ecosystem relationships between governments, relying parties – such as banks, mobile operators, etc. – and consumers.


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