Solving the puzzle of SIM cards and storage


As consumers rely increasingly on their smartphones, two trends have become clear: the desire for a second SIM card in the same phone, so that people can separate their work calls from private use without needing two handsets, and a growing demand for more storage. For many people, there never seems to be quite enough room for their music, movies, photos and other data.

So far, the answer has been to introduce a two-slot tray – offering room in the smartphone for either a second SIM card or a storage device. But having extra connectivity and extra memory at the same time was simply not possible. Until now.
Thanks to FuZion by IDEMIA, the compromise between having a second phone number or more room for storage is a thing of the past. The beauty of this product is its compatibility with phones that are already available off-the-shelf and are being used by millions of people.

Aside from its use in smartphone platforms, FuZion can be used in a variety of industrial, logistical and administrative applications where connectivity and storage is needed.

More connectivity and storage

FuZion is a single card that combines a SIM and a 128G MicroSD storage device, while occupying only one slot on the tray of a dual SIM smartphone.

Full compatibility

The FuZion card is fully compatible with 55 models of dual SIM smartphones, marketed by 15 major brands.

New opportunities

Future applications for FuZion can be developed in areas such as the Internet of Things, or secure transactions in banking and government.

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