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Ensuring tamper-proof and easy to inspect identity documents

ID security features IDEMIA

ID security features are more critical than ever to prevent identity forgery. Identity document fraud is constantly on the rise and can pose serious consequences for society, the economy, and security. Fraudsters now have access to very sophisticated technologies such as laser engraving, inkjet and 3D printing. This allows them to create fake documents from scratch or modify authentic ones that can deceive non-experts.

Ensuring the issuance of tamper-proof identity documents (national ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, etc.) is key to combatting illegal activities. Furthermore, legitimate ID documents must be easy to authenticate—not only by trained inspectors, but also by citizens themselves. It is crucial to provide citizens with ID documents that have user-friendly and automated features—for quick and reliable inspection, and to streamline identity checks.

IDEMIA brings its expertise to governments to ensure that ID documents are both hard to reproduce and easy to inspect. Our unique security concept consists of using different technologies to reproduce the holder’s personal data throughout the document and makes forgery almost impossible.

Our innovative ID security features protect the most vulnerable aspect of the document—the portrait. Additionally, our ID documents are developed for Optical Machine Authentication to enable secure, reliable, and fast authentication with maximum convenience.

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  • Hard to reproduce

    IDEMIA’s holistic security concept protects the ID document portrait and interlinks data by using different personalization techniques to impede the efforts of would-be fraudsters.

  • Easy to inspect

    IDEMIA’s ID security features can easily be checked by experts and non-experts, with or without tools, in a matter of seconds. The Optical Machine Authentication features enable fast and automated inspection of documents with a smartphone or scanner.

  • For today and beyond

    IDEMIA’s holistic approach enables the issuance of trusted ID documents that not only are ready for today’s use, but will also protect citizens against identity forgery for future authentication needs in an increasingly digital world.

National identity cards, creating tamper-proof ID documents
National identity cards, creating tamper-proof ID documents
What you need to know about ID document fraud

What you need to know about ID document fraud

The capabilities of fraudsters have increased considerably in the span of a few decades as access to some materials and techniques becomes easier. With this infographic, let’s take a closer look at how ID document fraud became a massive threat that we all need to combat.

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