MorphoTablet 2

Managing mobile workforces with accurate biometric identification on the spot

MorphoTablet 2 IDEMIA

Access control and time validation of a mobile workforce are part of the most impactful issues an employer has to manage, not only in terms of security but also financially, as they directly affect an individual’s pay and a company’s profit. In particular, enterprises operating across vast, multiple or remote sites face a major challenge in logging employee hours, as well as making real-time attendance records available at all times.

IDEMIA solves these issues with MorphoTablet 2, an 8” touchscreen Android device with an incorporated FBI PIV IQS1 and STQC2 certified optical fingerprint sensor, which delivers seamless identification on the spot. Running MiMs3 Mobile Access application, MorphoTablet 2 connects to IDEMIA’s MorphoManager centralized platform for user database synchronization and transaction log transfer, like any fixed IDEMIA biometric reader.

This solution is perfectly suited to environments where conventional time clocks can’t be installed or where people need to be identified while on the move: construction sites, temporary check points, shuttle buses, etc.

1 Image Quality Specifications
2 Standardization Testing and Quality Certification Directorate: an office of the Government of India providing quality assurance services in the area of Electronics and IT
3 Mobile identity Multiplatform suite


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  • Heightened security

    MorphoTablet 2 not only incorporates the best of IDEMIA’s biometric technology, but it also comes with embedded security features to protect sensitive data (tamper protection, hardened Operating System, etc.).

  • Mobility in all situations

    The biometric tablet connects via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks, offering high-speed data transfer in any situation. For difficult environments, its sleek design can be strengthened with an ergonomic protective sleeve.

  • Integration flexibility

    MorphoTablet 2 perfectly integrates with IDEMIA’s MorphoManager platform. A SDK is also available for integrators to build custom fingerprint or facial recognition applications and use the device in their own ecosystems.

MorphoTablet 2: IDEMIA introduces its second generation biometric tablet
MorphoTablet 2: IDEMIA introduces its second generation biometric tablet

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