MorphoWave Tower

Controlling access with a wave of the hand

IDEMIA MorphoWave Tower

For many government agencies and private companies, the security of their premises is more than just a need – it is an absolute priority. For top security environments, there is no room for error and at the same time, particularly in high-traffic areas, access control needs to be as seamless as possible.

Drawing on its wealth of expertise in biometrics, IDEMIA has developed a groundbreaking solution that meets the need for secure, frictionless access: MorphoWave Tower by IDEMIA. Thanks to this solution, authorized employees need only to wave their hand above the device’s touchless sensor in order to be positively identified and gain access. A world first, MorphoWave Tower scans four fingers in 3D and matches fingerprints to verify the identity of an individual with an unprecedented accuracy. The high speed of the operation allows employees to pass through a security control point ‘on the move’, without having to stop.

Along with its exceptional levels of usability and reliability, the contactless technology of the award-winning MorphoWave Tower offers multiple benefits over conventional scanning systems: it copes with wet and dry fingers, does not leave latent prints on scanner (no ‘ghost effect’) and mitigates hygiene concerns. A color touchscreen provides time & attendance features along with customization capabilities, while the brushed stainless steel finish of the foot mount terminal makes it an elegant solution in any workplace setting.

High security

MorphoWave Tower is the world’s first biometric access solution to scan four fingers in 3D in a single wave of the hand, ensuring the most accurate and reliable fingerprint matching for maximum security.

Frictionless access

Even in areas of high traffic, MorphoWave Tower provides access control without slowing people down or causing costly bottlenecks.

Reliable to operate

The touchless technology meets the challenges faced by conventional scanning systems: easy capture of wet/dry fingers, no latent prints/’ghost effect’, etc.

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