Scanning slap and rolled fingerprints for governmental applications


As governments look to harness the power of biometrics, a wide range of agencies require slap or rolled fingerprint images to register people and verify their identities. From civil applications such as travel and ID document issuance, welfare benefits and voter registration to the booking stations of law enforcement officers, these tenprint biometrics need to be processed quickly and reliably. Certified IAFIS-IQS Appendix F1 by the FBI, MTop meets precisely those needs.

Easy to use, MTop guides the user with LEDs during the scanning process and provides operators with real-time checks on the quality of the fingerprints being captured. Security is further enhanced by the use of fake finger detection. Highly robust with IP542 protection as an option, MTop draws on the expertise of a world leader that has already supported its clients to record the details of over two billion people across the globe.

2 Protected against limit dust ingress and water spray from any direction


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  • High performance

    MTop provides high quality imaging of flat and rolled prints and is certified to FBI IAFIS-IQS Appendix F, GSA FIPS 201 PIV and STQC standards.

  • Ease of use

    User-friendly, MTop guides operators and users through the tenprint scanning operation by the use of LEDs, which also ensure that fingerprint image quality meets the required standards.

  • Proven reliability

    MTop draws on proven technology and a reputation for reliability – borne out by the scanner’s MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of more than 50,000 hours.

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