Customer registration and eSIM: Adding extra convenience and security to connected consumer devices

The new solutions for remote administration and the provision of SIM cards, also known as remote SIM provisioning, are already playing a key role in the IoT industrial sector.

The industry is now turning its attention to extending them to consumer use cases. The technology research company Gartner forecasts that there will be more than 13 billion connected consumer devices in 2020. The eSIM will enable consumers to remotely and independently connect companion consumer devices, including smart watches, health bands and tablets, to a mobile network operator while maintaining their security.
The GSMA has brought together industry experts for the purpose of agreeing on a single set of specifications for secure connected consumer devices, delivering a global approach and producing a consistent user experience. Safran Identity & Security has been heavily involved in the development of these new standards at GSMA since the activity commenced, and initial specifications were released recently. In March, Safran hosted a GSMA RSPTEC (Remote SIM Provisioning Technical Group) meeting at Safran University near Paris, where delegates worked on further details of the consumer implementation of remote SIM provisioning.

It is key that all players of the industry are working together via the GSMA to agree on a single set of specifications. This will ensure that consumers enjoy securely connected mobile devices and know that the privacy of their personal data is guaranteed by the quality of service delivered by mobile operators and the SIM.
Gianni Uglietti, IoT Solutions Manager at Safran Identity & Security and active in the GSMA working group

To deliver a truly seamless experience, Safran recommends integrating electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) technology to digitally register customers with an operator and verify their ID. Safran’s digital ID solutions are already used widely by major operators in India. After ID verification, the MorphoFlex™ enables remote SIM provisioning, so that consumers can download the new secure credentials to their eSIM. Safran’s eSIMs are now available and are in commercial use with MorphoFlex™.
“And as the icing on the cake, to enable a complete digital ID and registration solution, we can also incorporate the GSMA’s secure universal log-in solution, Mobile Connect,” Gianni said.


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