How biometrics will change mobile phone authentication – try it yourself!

Biometric technology has enabled prominent, large-scale government projects all over the globe.

Comment la biométrie transforme l'authentification sur téléphone portableWhereas once biometrics were mainly used by law enforcement agencies and governments, biometric authentication is becoming more widespread for commercial and “everyday” usage. Safran Identity & Security, the recognized world leader in biometrics, is now incorporating biometric technology into mobile devices for the telecom industry.

Today, our mobile companion is not just used for communications, social relationships and entertainment – it is commonly used to perform digital and online transactions, leading to enormous growth of confidential data stored in and processed by the phone. Through biometrics, we aim to enable more convenience by removing the need to remember usernames and passwords. But we also want to enhance security on mobile devices by ensuring that the right user is accessing secured digital data and mobile services.

What happens when we integrate biometric technology into mobile devices? How convenient and how secure is the authentication process, really? To enable you to find out, Safran offers Biometric Software Development Kits (SDK) for easy integration into Android and iOS devices. “Selfie-Check” is one of our SDKs featuring facial recognition, a key technology developed by Safran. To deliver the highest level of security, Safran “Selfie-Check” features advanced liveness detection to reduce the risk of hacking and fraud.

The fingerprint-check SDK is another of Safran Identity & Security’s SDKs for mobile device. Fingerprint technology is the most widely established biometric capability. Increasingly smartphones use “fingerprint sensors” within specific buttons to unlock the device, or to approve actions such as in-app purchases or app login. These solutions are convenient, but the fingerprints might not necessarily belong to the device owner (or authorized device user). The Safran fingerprint-check SDK enables any smartphone (with or without fingerprint sensors) to use fingerprint authentication with access rights management. The fingerprint acquisition is performed thanks to the integrated rear-facing camera and standard LED flash. The user experience is natural, discrete and simple: you just show the inside of your hand to the camera and it captures the fingerprints of four fingers.

Verification against local data is achieved in less than 2 seconds on high-end smartphones, or can be made against a remote server. Our fingerprint-check SDK is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

If you are interested in experiencing the convenience and security of biometric authentication on mobile phones with one of our biometric SDKs, please contact us here.

Also coming soon: iris technology!


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