IDEMIA celebrates 5 years of technology leadership

Taking a look back at the technology, values, and people that make IDEMIA a leader in the field of identity

Founded in 2017 from the coming together of two technology powerhouses, IDEMIA celebrates five years of leadership in the identity technology field today with its international team of 15,000 employees.

Five years of IDEMIA, 60+ years of expertise

IDEMIA expertise is backed by the latest advancements in biometrics, cryptography, systems, data analytics, and smart devices. In combining these areas of know-how, IDEMIA is delivering on its mission to unlock seamless and unique journeys for consumers and citizens around the world—all while ensuring total continuity and complete security between the physical and digital worlds.

The group maintains its leadership position through a continuous investment in research and development—over 1 billion euros invested in five years—with a particular focus on digital technologies and key innovation areas. It is also the result of strong engineering teams and a rich ecosystem of customers, industrial, and academic partners.

IDEMIA’s unique set of technologies includes more than 1,500 active patent families, and consistently ranks in the top of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) benchmark testing in accuracy and fairness for face, iris, and fingerprint biometrics.

They are also leading the way in developing quantum-resistant solutions that protect society in the post-quantum world by becoming one of the first companies to announce the development of an enhanced smart card that is resistant to quantum computers as well as a first-of-its-kind quantum-safe 5G SIM technology.

Five key technologies

With a team of more than 3,000 engineers, IDEMIA has five main fields of expertise: biometrics, cryptography, systems, data analytics, and smart devices.

In these different fields, IDEMIA experts develop and manage critical technical components that are assembled into mission critical solutionsat scale. These solutions unlock billions of frictionless interactions across all aspects of life, including payment, connectivity, access control, identity, travel, and public security.

IDEMIA technologies facilitate a wide range of critical activities—identities are vetted with Artificial Intelligence and secured with cryptography; they are made available, anywhere and everywhere with digital solutions in the Cloud; IDEMIA creates the link between physical people and these identities with smart sensors embedded into smart devices; all while ensuring the highest levels of security, without sacrificing user convenience.

As the leader in identity technology, we set the pace for the whole industry. Our R&D team sets high standards and exceeds expectations, and they should be extremely proud of their ability to deliver award-winning solutions that have implications for billions of people. I am grateful to lead the unmatched talent inside this team that is the foundation of all innovation at IDEMIA.
Jean-Christophe Fondeur, Chief Technical Officer at IDEMIA

Five important values

IDEMIA has a diverse client portfolio of over 600 government, state and federal organizations as well as more than 2,300 enterprises, including some of the world’s biggest and most influential brands. This has been made possible thanks in large part to its employees who share one global company culture based on five core values: curious, trusted, daring, caring, and together.

I am proud of what we have accomplished together these past five years: developing industry-defining technologies that unlock billions of frictionless interactions for citizens and consumers across the world. Thank you to our clients for trusting us to provide these essential services. Through our dedication to innovation, we will continue delivering on our mission to unlock the world and make it safer.
Pierre Barrial, President & CEO

In the five years since its founding, the pace of technological change is putting identity at the heart of a new connected world. IDEMIA remains dedicated to its mission to ensure a world that is 100% unlocked, 100% secure and—above all—a place where only you can be you.

Happy Birthday IDEMIA – 5Y
Happy Birthday IDEMIA – 5Y

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