IDEMIA launches Abroadia: the all-new flagship demo passport

The innovative travel document highlights IDEMIA’s fraud-resistant identity technologies that will facilitate cross-border authenticity verification and secure digital identities.

IDEMIA launches an all-new flagship travel document to showcase its most innovative security features and capacity to offer unique yet secure designs—the Abroadia passport.

The Abroadia demo passport allows customers to better understand the extent of IDEMIA’s expertise and know-how in the conception, design, and production of innovative passports. Abroadia, derived from ‘abroad’, is the imaginary country IDEMIA has developed for this demo.

Over the years, IDEMIA has worked alongside the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to help define biometric passport standards. With the Abroadia passport, IDEMIA is able to demonstrate its design capabilities with innovation at the core of its approach.

ID document fraud is on the rise worldwide, and it is a real challenge for countries and states to reduce this risk. IDEMIA invests heavily in R&D to develop technologies that combat this kind of fraud.
Thomas Poreaux, Head of ID Documents Products, Public Security & Identity at IDEMIA

IDEMIA’s fraud-resistant passport is hard to reproduce, yet easy to inspect—both face-to-face and remotely by people of all knowledge levels. The passport’s unique and well-researched designs not only serve to represent a country’s identity but also integrate security features such as LASINK™ Origin secure color portrait, holograms, and color-changing inks.

With security integral to the design process, IDEMIA’s in-house specialists use cutting-edge equipment in its manufacturing facilities and follow strict security protocols and quality control standards at every step of the production process. The new Abroadia demo passport is the outcome of a collaborative effort between its customers and IDEMIA experts from R&D, design, production, and personalization, as well as teams based in different countries such as Haarlem, Netherlands; Vitré and Paris, France; and Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Poreaux explains, “Beyond tackling security risks, we provide solutions that create a link between the physical and digital identity. Our passports allow you to authenticate yourself securely and easily with a smartphone to transform your physical identity into a digital identity. This can allow travelers to check in for flights at home and go through security checkpoints faster.”

This is particularly relevant in a globalized world where the number of international travelers is growing and airport and local border authorities face increased challenges to reinforce security, reduce waiting times, and streamline the passenger experience.

IDEMIA’s flagship passport
IDEMIA’s flagship passport

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