IDEMIA unveils LASINK Helios, its latest disruptive ID security feature

IDEMIA presents LASINK™ Helios, its latest disruptive technology based on optical variable elements. The new security features combines color personalization and DOVID technologies to secure secondary portraits.

Governments combat both physical and digital ID fraud, making innovation the key to protecting identity cards and passports. Protecting the portrait is essential to securing the document, which is why an increasing number of issuing authorities use a secondary portrait as an additional security feature. The secondary portrait validates the main portrait, thus confirming the identity of the document holder. Interlinking both images makes document fraud almost impossible.

LASINK™ Helios is based on two proven technologies, IDEMIA’s LASINK™ color technology and DOVID* that diffracts light. The combination of these two technologies makes it impossible to create a full reproduction of the document (anti-counterfeit and protection against use of stolen blank documents) or modify the portrait (anti-forgery, anti-morphing, and stolen blank documents).

The average time for a security check is three seconds, therefore authentication must be unambiguous for both trained agents and untrained individuals. The striking optical effects of LASINK™ Helios are easily recognizable for in-person and remote verification.

Olivier Charlanes - IDEMIA Public Security & Identity

As a color portrait embedded in a DOVID, LASINK™ Helios meets our ID security concept in every respect. We provide ID documents that are hard to reproduce yet easy to inspect. The development of this new security feature is an illustration of IDEMIA’s ability to continuously stay one step ahead of fraudsters. IDEMIA demonstrates how significant experience in producing tamper-proof documents and innovation can fulfil the most stringent requirements of our clients.
Olivier Charlanes, SVP Global Business Development, Marketing & Product Offer, Public Security & Identity, IDEMIA

LASINK™ Helios is easy to inspect and resistant to multiple types of fraud, attacks, and daily use.

*Diffractive Optically Variable Image Device

LASINK™ Helios, a color portrait in a DOVID to secure identity documents
LASINK™ Helios, a color portrait in a DOVID to secure identity documents

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