The Kingdom of Morocco launches a national digital ID platform with IDEMIA

Based on the national eID card, the national digital ID platform provides Moroccan citizens with convenient remote identification and authentication means to securely access both public and private digital services.

Together, the Digital Development Agency (ADD) and the Directorate of National Security (DGSN) launched an identification and authentication service for digital service users. Provided by IDEMIA, this platform is based on a national eID card, and is part of the continuing effort to strengthen digital trust and reinforce security and convenience for Moroccan citizens.

The Kingdom of Morocco launches a national digital ID platform with IDEMIAThe ADD and DGSN have officially launched Morocco’s first national digital ID platform. IDEMIA is proud to have been part of this successful project through collaboration with the DGSN.
On April 25, the ADD and DGSN presented the new digital ID platform in a ceremony in Rabat, Morocco. Government representatives across several ministries as well as government agencies were present at the event. Many regulators also attended the ceremony, including the National Commission for Data Protection (CNDP) and La Direction Générale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (DGSSI). Speaking at the ceremony, the Director General of the ADD, Mohammed Driss Melyani, discussed the urgent need for digital technologies, and how this new platform is at the heart of the nation’s rapidly evolving digital developments.

A high-end national digital ID system

Based on an identity and access management platform, the new digital ID system allows various public and private sectors to verify the identities of individuals wishing to access their online services. The long-term objective is to offer identity verification services with the highest level of trust to the entire Moroccan ecosystem (government agencies and private service providers).
The national digital ID platform leverages the new national eID card, also provided by IDEMIA. Launched in 2020, this eID card has been strategically positioned as the main authentication factor for remote citizen access. It integrates state-of-the-art security features, ensuring the highest level of confidence for both citizens and service providers. This solution also uses Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), a strong authentication and security process that requires at least two validation factors to prove the holder’s identity.

Public and private online service providers will be able to tap into the new national digital identity system. The platform will support service providers in delivering an innovative digital service that is efficient and secure by allowing:

  1. online service providers to verify the identities of individuals when they want to access their online services (identification and authentication);
  2. citizens to securely share personal data from their eID cards and subscribe to new remote services.

The system enables service providers to attain these key objectives while providing citizens user-friendly, fast and secure access that safeguards the privacy of their personal data on their electronic ID cards.

IDEMIA is proud to partner with the DGSN for the implementation of this new service. This project will be a cornerstone for the ongoing digital evolutions in Morocco, and it will build digital trust among Moroccan citizens.

IDEMIA currently produces highly secure identity documents, including national ID cards, passports, vehicle registration documents, driving licenses and healthcare cards, in countless countries around the world apart from Morocco such as the USA, Estonia and the Netherlands. It also supplies comprehensive digital identity management systems to governments, for example in France, the USA, Colombia and Chile.


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