Safran partners with the PSA Group for the security of connected vehicles

Start a vehicle connected to a smartphoneSafran Identity & Security, the global leader in identity and security, has announced its partnership with PSA Group for the security of connected vehicles. Its electronic signature platform guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the software used in connected navigation systems and the Autonomous Telematic Box (ATB), which provide many services to motorists.

The PSA Group was an early-adopter in the move towards connected cars and a forerunner in providing these new services to motorists. The group pioneered the emergency call and automated assistance system, which uses the Autonomous Telematic Box to contact rescue and emergency services automatically in the event of an accident. To date, more than 1.5 million Peugeot, Citroën and DS vehicles have been equipped with this system.

Beyond merely managing the SOS function (emergency button), the Autonomous Telematic Box activates on-demand vehicle location services (GPS), traceability services in the event of theft, technical vehicle data collection, and auxiliary functions (e.g. preheating, unlocking the vehicle, etc.).

Some newly available vehicles are also equipped with a real-time connected navigation system that provides access to up-to-date maps (with a choice of representation in 2D, 3D, perspective, etc.) that show the way with arrows and include real-time traffic information, among other services.

PSA’s various equipment suppliers add a digital signature to connected navigation software or to the ATB and then communicate this signature to PSA so that it can be integrated into the vehicles. This digital signature process is reiterated at each software update.

These digital signatures employ Safran Identity & Security’s trust platform, which guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the embedded software used in the vehicle. They prevent the integration of pirated or counterfeit software, which could for instance lead to malicious control of the vehicle.

Safran Identity & Security has been adept at rising to the substantial challenges involved in validating the authentication of our vehicles and guaranteeing the integrity of their software with the highest levels of security. Our ongoing partnership of more than 15 years (which originally began with Dictao) has served our Corporate needs and now extends to part of the infrastructure used in our connected vehicles.
Laurent Schreiber, responsible for trust infrastructures within the CIO of the PSA Group

We are proud of our contribution to the security of PSA Group’s connected vehicles and of bringing our experience in the security of embedded software, which we have accrued in the field of aeronautics, to the automobile sector.
Laurent Porracchia, Director of the Industry and Government Business Unit of the Digital Security and Authentication Division (Safran Identity & Security)


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