Vodafone Group moves to GREENCONNECT by IDEMIA recycled plastic SIM cards

IDEMIA supports Vodafone Group’s transition to sustainable connectivity with recycled plastic SIM cards offer

The importance of moving to sustainable practices is paramount for mobile operators. Most are already engaged in carbon offsetting projects, such as planting trees, as a way to reduce their carbon footprint. Some are also participating in a reduce-reuse-recycle paradigm by offering handset recycling programs or selling refurbished phones in an effort to reduce electronic waste. With the GREENCONNECT by IDEMIA offer, Vodafone Group illustrates other ways sustainable solutions can be deployed to markets.

In 2019, Vodafone Group opted for IDEMIA’s HalfSIM, and most recently announced the adoption of recycled plastic SIM cards. The use of recycled plastic combined with the deployment of the half-sized (HalfSIM) card format is a pioneering move to drastically reduce the use of virgin plastic and reduce waste within the telecom industry.

Over time, SIM cards have evolved to adapt to network upgrades (GSM to 5G) and handset requirements (standard SIM– 2FF–to nano-SIM–4FF). Now, it is time for a new and different evolution that embraces environmental friendliness. GREENCONNECT by IDEMIA proposes alternative materials, formats and design for both SIM cards and their packaging. As part of this sustainable approach, IDEMIA helps limit the consumption of raw materials with HalfSIM— keeping logistical practicality, and making the transition to this format easy.

According to ABI research, 4.7 billion SIM cards were shipped worldwide in 2020. It is essential to promote recycled plastics usage in order to avoid manufacturing new materials that can place an even higher burden on waste management channels and the environment. With half-sized recycled plastic SIM cards, Vodafone Group is helping lead the way to sustainable connectivity.

GREENCONNECT, Promoting sustainability through SIM cards for Mobile Operators
GREENCONNECT, Promoting sustainability through SIM cards for Mobile Operators

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