Palmprint scanner

Capturing high quality slap, rolled and palm prints with TP 5300 and TP 6300

Palmprint scanner IDEMIA

To carry out a range of law enforcement tasks, officers need to take a variety of live scan prints. Image quality is critical to completing fingerprint authentication or identification successfully—whatever the palm and fingerprint capture conditions. TP 5300 and TP 6300 palmprint scanner range provides superior image quality for the live scan capture of tenprints, palms, rolls and writers’ edges.

Live scan fingerprint can be carried out at 500 ppi, or 1,000 ppi, exceeding the FBI’s standard requirements. Thanks to IDEMIA’s patented optical technology, the high performance of TP 5300 and TP 6300 innovative platen is completely unaffected by dry or sweaty fingers, or an unclean platen. The result is a set of images that allow the minutiae and pore detail of fingers and hands to be seen clearly, making it ideal for latent print comparison.

For an improved experience, the TP 6300 is equipped with the latest electronic components.

The rugged housing of the devices ensures their durability, and a range of cabinets are available to accommodate the equipment.


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  • Superior image quality

    Our patented Moisture Discriminating Optics™ technology enables the capture of sweaty fingers, highlighting pore details to extract precise minutiae from the fingerprints.

  • Durable and robust design

    TP 6300 is hosted in a sealed, tough casing that resists demanding environmental conditions (dust, heat or humidity).

  • Rapid and efficient capture

    High quality palm prints can be captured by any operator in a few seconds. The TP 6300 prevents smudging and smearing during finger rolls.


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