IDEMIA reaffirms commitment to Japan with launch of new service centre

The new service centre will collaborate with leading credit card issuers and fintechs in Japan to deliver world-class offerings for end users

Tokyo, 14th December 2022 – IDEMIA, the leader in identity technologies, today announced the launch of its first service centre in Japan as a reflection of its commitment to supporting digital advancement in the country. Located in Kawasaki, the service centre can support millions of users and aims to partner with Japanese credit card issuers to deliver premier products and services for end users in Japan. This includes IDEMIA’s advanced card personalisation offerings such as F.CODE, recycled PVC cards, metal cards and more.

As a key technology provider, IDEMIA seeks not only to catalyse competition in the Japanese financial market but also to introduce global-level products and services that will benefit the end users of Japan. It is the first multinational corporation to address the Japanese financial institutions market, which has long been closed to international suppliers due to the industry’s unique card specifications and ecosystem, throughout the country’s long credit card history1. The opening of the new service centre thus further expands IDEMIA’s physical presence in Japan and marks the company’s renewed commitment to the Japanese market.

IDEMIA has been honoured to support Japanese financial institutions in delivering advanced banking and payment offerings for years, and this new service centre will further expand our capacity to accelerate Japan’s transition towards a fully cashless society. IDEMIA will be in Japan for the long term, and we are committed towards bringing in world-class products and services, including our state-of-the-art card personalisation offerings. We are investing in Japanese people and specialty Japanese products, as well as providing global support for projects in Japan – and we look forward to entering new industries within the unique Japanese market.
Nezu Nobuyoshi, Vice President of Japan Sales at IDEMIA

Operating since 2008, IDEMIA Japan supports major mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the country with connectivity solutions such as eSIM. It also played a key role in the deployment of various major digital payment solutions as well as digital key products for automobile manufacturers in Japan. Additionally, it has deployed biometric access solutions for clients to protect their critical infrastructure and maintain public security in the country. In 2020, IDEMIA’s new Japanese head office2 was launched in Shibuya District, Tokyo, as well as a new experience centre to display IDEMIA technologies for business and government solutions.

Most recently, IDEMIA3 with the launch of its first banking card, which is compliant with the JIS2 standard and was supplied to domestic major issuers and FinTech issuers in Japan. IDEMIA has also partnered with Japanese corporations to test and deploy biometric authentication technology, this includes payment experience through IDEMIA biometric devices such as MorphoWave™.


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