MorphoSmart CBM Series

Providing device security at your fingertips

IDEMIA MorphoSmart™ CBM Series

At a time when security and ID authentication are an increasing part of everyday life, device OEM manufacturers are turning to biometrics for help. As the drawbacks of PIN codes and passwords become clear, fingerprint checks offer higher levels of security for a host of different applications. An almost endless list includes ATMs, Point-of-Sale terminals, mobile devices, vending machines, access control and time & attendance terminals, safes and voting equipment. The challenge for OEM manufacturers is to find a robust, cost-effective identification solution that can be easily integrated into their product platform.

As the world leader in biometrics, IDEMIA can meet that need with the MorphoSmart CBM* Series, the most compact optical fingerprint modules on the market. The solution draws on IDEMIA’s patented optical technology and biometric algorithms to provide best-in-class accuracy and reliability. The high quality of fingerprint acquisition, coupled with fast, secure processing on the modules’ embedded processor, provides outstanding performance. Meanwhile, the lightweight (20g) and compact design (53.7 x 33.7 x 13,65 mm) of the MorphoSmart CBM Series make it a quick and easy solution to integrate.

Its extensive security features include encryption and digital signatures as well as FBI PIV IQS certification and fake finger detection.

The MorphoSmart SDK enables a swift integration into Windows, Linux and Android platforms.

*Compact Biometric Module

Leading edge technology

With the most compact optical fingerprint module available today, backed by IDEMIA’s world-class biometric algorithms, the MorphoSmart CBM Series is the most advanced solution on the market.

Easy to integrate

Small, lightweight and fully secure, IDEMIA’s MorphoSmart CBM Series can be quickly and easily integrated by OEM manufacturers, with no need for specific knowledge of biometrics.

Reliable to operate

The CBM modules are resistant to electro-static discharges, scratches and shocks. Their 500dpi sensor ensures highly accurate fingerprint acquisition.

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