Secondary color portrait in a DOVID

Reinforcing ID document protection with LASINK™ Helios


ID documents need to be protected against all forms of fraud and theft. IDEMIA continuously innovates to create high-tech security features that are hard to reproduce yet easy to inspect. LASINK™ Helios is a full color secondary portrait within a DOVID¹. It is based on two proven technologies in the ID security market: IDEMIA’s LASINK™ color portrait and diffractive optical technology.

The portrait is the critical link between ID documents and their holders—it is the most important feature to secure. The secondary portrait validates the main portrait, thus confirming the identity of the document holder and reinforcing security. The cutting-edge DOVID optical effects of LASINK™ Helios have been designed to prevent multiple types of ID theft and fraud, and to ease authentication.

The unique optical effects of LASINK™ Helios enable in-person authentication of ID documents to be conducted with ease. By analyzing that the hologram portrait has the right optical effects, document verification can also be performed remotely during a live video stream.

LASINK™ Helios is available in two versions to fit all customer needs:

  • A standalone secondary portrait that can be integrated anywhere in the layout of ID documents
  • A combination with a transparent DOVID partially placed over the primary portrait to protect it

We have worked with two world leaders within the optical security features field, OVD Kinegram and Surys, to develop LASINK™ Helios. With over 3 billion ID documents issued worldwide, IDEMIA has extensive experience in producing tamper-proof documents with advanced security features.

¹ Diffractive Optically Variable Image Device

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  • Easy to authenticate

    The full color image combined with the DOVID means that LASINK™ Helios can be verified by anyone, even untrained individuals. Verification of the optical effects can be done face-to-face or remotely using a camera.

  • Resistant to fraud

    Specific software is needed to produce LASINK™ Helios. In the case of theft of blank ID documents, fraudsters cannot replicate the portrait and the optical effects. It is also resistant to counterfeiting, forgery, and morphing.

  • Robust substrate

    The LASINK™ Helios holographic matrix is incorporated into the core of the polycarbonate structure of ID documents. This makes the secondary portrait highly secure and resistant over time.

LASINK™ Helios, a color portrait in a DOVID to secure identity documents
LASINK™ Helios, a color portrait in a DOVID to secure identity documents

We are proud to collaborate with IDEMIA in developing a state-of-the-art security feature that reflects our innovative capacity and expertise in document protection. The feature marks a milestone in securing polycarbonate documents: A full-color portrait as secondary image in a DOVID protects the most important part of an ID: the portrait. The resulting unique visual effect will enable an easy authentication for everyone.

Andreas Schilling, Head of Sales at OVD Kinegram

IDEMIA is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of highly secured ID documents. We are proud to have been associated to the LASINK Helios solution, in order to deliver one of the most robust technologies on the identity market. SURYS is one of the most dynamic actors in disruptive innovations and embedded optical security features and we are enthusiastic to be embarking alongside a global player like IDEMIA to respond to tomorrow challenges on document security.

Amaury Chasseux - Head of Product Management, Business Line Identity at SURYS
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