Secondary color portrait with motion effect

Reinforcing ID document protection with LASINK™ 3D


When securing ID documents, protecting the holder’s portrait is a priority. The secondary portrait validates the main portrait, thus confirming the identity of the document holder. Interlinking both images makes forgery almost impossible, deterring any attempts at tampering with the ID document.

Based on two proven ID security features – LASINK™ Origin color portrait and Stereo Laser Image (SLI) 3D effect – LASINK™ 3D, offers enhanced security levels to protect the portrait. This color secondary portrait is embedded in a transparent window. Its unique motion and depth effects make the authentication of polycarbonate ID documents unambiguous.

Easy to inspect for untrained individuals, LASINK™ 3D is also hard to reproduce. Generated with an exclusive personalization algorithm and laser engraved into the heart of the polycarbonate structure, LASINK™ 3D security features are nearly impossible to reproduce or forge. As an exclusive ID security software is needed to produce LASINK™ 3D, any attempt to personalize the picture or create the optical effects using equipment widely available on the market is prevented.

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  • Easy inspection

    The security features of the color image combined with 3D effects enable an easy inspection of the ID document for both trained agents and untrained individuals either face-to-face or remotely.

  • ID fraud protection

    As LASINK™ 3D uses an exclusive ID security software it is nearly impossible to modify the portrait or clone the document.

  • Durability

    The LASINK™ Origin printed matrix is incorporated and laser engraved into the heart of the polycarbonate structure, making the ID document both durable and more resistant to attacks.


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