Securing borders and passenger journeys

Processing people that travel through seaports, airports and land crossing points quickly and securely is a challenging task for all travel industry stakeholders. The goal is to combine stringent border security requirements with a smooth passenger journey. The spread of Covid-19 has only heightened the need for contactless identity authentication solutions and remote verification of travelers before their trip.

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Travel has become a necessary part of our lives, whether for work or fun. Before the pandemic hit in 2020, international travel was steadily increasing with each passing year. Quickly and securely processing the growing number of people that travel through a seaport, airport, or land border crossing was becoming a challenge for authorities. To date, IDEMIA has collaborated with over 30 border control agencies worldwide and equipped over 250 airports with our cutting-edge solutions.

The Covid-19 pandemic only heightened the need for contactless identity verification solutions and remote verification of travelers prior to their trip.

Remote ID registration to start the passenger journey

IDEMIA’s remote solutions allow travelers to start their journey from the comfort of their homes. They can complete the biometric check-in securely with their smartphone. Travelers scan their passport or share their Digital Travel Credential (DTC) and take a live selfie, creating a reliable digital traveler identity.

Contactless biometric solutions for frictionless identity authentication

IDEMIA’s contactless biometric technologies play a key role in addressing concerns about hygiene and regaining travelers’ trust. Far from being just touchless technologies, these contactless devices identify travelers on the move, enabling greater throughput and better user experience, while respecting the traveler’s privacy.

Trusted traveler programs to provide smoother, hassle-free security checkpoint experience

Designed to streamline the passenger journey, this type of trusted traveler program also facilitates risk assessment and helps border security agents focus on those posing a risk. One of the most successful is the United States’ TSA PreCheck® program, for which IDEMIA has been the authorized enrollment provider since 2013, supporting the program with a network of over 630+ enrollment centers throughout the United States. Once approved for the program, travelers may access special lanes at participating U.S. airports for a smoother and hassle-free screening process.

Smart data analytics and integrated systems for efficient risk assessment

Traveler risk assessments are an essential part of border security, and are traditionally based on analysis of Advanced Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record (API-PNR) data. Today, however, travelers also need to present health certificates and other relevant data before their trip. A convenient and secure option would be to link health certificates to the traveler’s DTC (Digital Travel Credential), helping government agencies better understand, detect, and identify suspicious patterns in travelers presenting themselves at the border.

Nationwide and continent-wide Entry/Exit systems implementation

The Entry/Exit system involves registering and managing traveler movements at all national border-crossing points. More specialized systems such as eVisa, asylum processing systems, electronic travel authorization, etc. are important components that add value to the border management chain, and these systems, too, should be powered by a biometric search engine that is both fast and accurate, while securing individuals’ data and privacy.

IDEMIA’s solutions offer travelers a pleasant and convenient travel experience, while simultaneously supporting government agencies in more effectively protecting their borders and their residents.

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IDEMIA develops high-tech, user-centric solutions that securely authenticate travelers’ identities and assess risk. This data helps governments to increase their border security and allows airports and airlines to streamline their processes.


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