TouchPrint Enterprise (TPE) LiveScan

Capturing biometric data for law enforcement and civil enrollment

TouchPrint Enterprise (TPE) LiveScan

Law enforcement and civil agencies use IDEMIA TPE LiveScan to speed up the registration and enrollment of biometric data, while maintaining rigorous quality control at each step of the capture process.

TPE LiveScan supports multi-modal biometric data capture and enrollment including fingerprints, palm prints, facial images, DNA, iris, scars, marks and tattoos, and demographics. Registration data is stored and transmitted using industry-standard formats and security protocols.

Primary applications include:

  • Offender enrollment at booking: agencies can record both biometric and demographic data and submit these to applicable agencies’ databases.
  • Identity verification: officers can check if a subject has registered previously with a different identity, by comparing scanned biometric data with a database of existing registrations.
  • Background checks: agencies can compare captured biometric data with other databases, to link a subject to other events.

TPE LiveScan uses FBI-Certified scanners including IDEMIA’s TP5300 and MTopR models.

Ease of use

TPE LiveScan’s intuitive user interface clearly displays roll-to-slap fingerprints and upper and lower palm comparison results, in real-time.

Flexible configurations

The TPE LiveScan software features customizable fields and configurable deployment options. It can easily be interfaced or integrated into existing third-party systems such as RMS and CCH systems.

Proven reliability

TPE LiveScan quality checks ensure data is captured correctly the first time, scanners are FBI certified, and matching algorithms provide unrivaled accuracy.

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