Augmented Vision

Enhancing video management infrastructure

Augmented Vision IDEMIA

As the need for strict preventative measures increases for safer public and private places so does the demand for airtight security that works in real-time. Incident prevention and a fast reaction time are key to ensuring the safety of customers and staff.

Augmented Vision supports operators in providing a safer environment. This commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) real-time video analytics solution optimizes the use of existing CCTV cameras to alert security staff on the appearance of persons of interest. It also uses the cameras to grant access to approved staff and visitors using facial recognition technology.

This application helps take the stress off security teams and enables them to focus on what really matters: acting when and where needed instead of simply monitoring screens. By ensuring security it makes staff members and customers feel safe.

Augmented Vision real-time video analytics capabilities enable:
● Detection of known, vulnerable, missing or any person of interest
● Employee access to buildings or areas that require authorized access
● Customer satisfaction and VIP identification and management

Easy to implement

Augmented Vision uses everyday off-the-shelf hardware, including IP cameras, networks, servers, and where possible, existing infrastructure.

Easy to integrate

Using Open API standards, solution providers can easily integrate Augmented Vision with other systems that manage videos, customer relationships and security, including access control.


The easy-to-use interface delivers the needs of the customer at the touch of a button. This simple design and execution functionality enables customers to use Augmented Vision without any complex processes or time-consuming training sessions.

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