Augmented Vision

Enhancing video management infrastructure

Augmented Vision IDEMIA

Today there is an immense amount of videos and images due to the prevalence of CCTV streams, smartphones and more. Augmented Vision helps survey and protect buildings, infrastructure and areas of interest by making sense of all available data, while protecting citizens’ and consumers’ privacy with the highest level of data protection.

It can be used to prevent security incidents in highly frequented public or private spaces, but also to ensure frictionless access to restricted areas.

It can also interpret and tag hours and days of video streams and thousands of photos to help find subjects and objects of interest in post-event investigations.

This powerful video analytics solution can be set up for three main applications:

  • Boost the efficiency of operators to find leads in a faster and more automated way,
  • Provide actionable intelligence and help monitor video flow and alerts security staff on the appearance of persons of interest,
  • Allow secure and frictionless access to authorized personnel: by detecting and identifying multiple persons approaching an access point, it brings a powerful layer on top of existing video and access control systems.
Easy to implement

Augmented Vision uses everyday off-the-shelf hardware, including IP cameras, networks, servers, and where possible, existing infrastructure.

Easy to integrate

Using Open API standards, solution providers can easily integrate Augmented Vision with other systems that manage videos, customer relationships and security, including access control.

Save time

Augmented Vision automatically extracts videos and images and classifies the content, turning it into searchable actionable intelligence.

500 hours
of video footage with half a million faces analyzed in almost a day, on a small workstation
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