Car connectivity management

Managing car connectivity with cloud-based services

Car connectivity management IDEMIA

Car connectivity is an essential asset for carmakers to improve the maintenance of vehicles and securely perform software upgrades. As they turn to eSIM technology for over-the-air subscription plan provisioning to their fleets of vehicles, carmakers need to efficiently manage the lifecycle of eSIM—at scale.

IDEMIA provides a comprehensive car connectivity management offering that includes a cloud-based platform called Connectivity Manager, along with professional services to ease integration with the IT back-end of carmakers and their MNO partners around the world.

Combined with IDEMIA’s GSMA-compliant SM-SR*, the Connectivity Manager allows carmakers to manage end-to-end processes from eSIM profile order to activation (including download) of mobile cellular subscriptions into eSIM-equipped connected cars. This cloud-based car connectivity platform enables carmakers to automate these processes and efficiently achieve large-scale over-the-air campaigns for vehicle M2M connectivity. This scalable solution optimizes carmakers ’supply chain and the associated costs.

IDEMIA has extended experience with mobile operators and expertise in digital services—several major carmakers already trust Connectivity Manager to oversee their cars’ connectivity worldwide. This makes IDEMIA the reliable partner of choice for carmakers looking to maximize eSIM technology throughout the lifetime of their vehicle fleets.

*SM-SR: Subscription Manager Secure Routing

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  • Easy integration

    Onboard and manage multiple mobile network operators using a unified interface to manage eSIM connectivity for worldwide fleets of connected cars.

  • Automated processes

    Customize and automate business processes to manage complex eSIM connectivity campaigns for entire fleets of connected cars.

  • High availability

    Get high availability to cover all your car connectivity needs, and increase resilience with a GSMA-certified cloud-based solution.

Reinventing the driver experience for connected and autonomous vehicles
Reinventing the driver experience for connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Compliant with the latest GSMA specifications
  • Cloud-native solution ensuring fast time-to-market, high availability, and scalability
  • Supports any data privacy and data sovereignty requirements
  • Capacity to handle versatile business workflows in unitary or campaign mode

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