CityGO CIPURSE ticketing product range

Leveraging an extremely safe open standard to secure commuter journeys

CityGO CIPURSE ticketing product range

In 2010, IDEMIA founded the OSPT Alliance with several ticketing industry leaders to develop the CIPURSE™ open standard and foster innovation with non-proprietary and interoperable transport products. Today, the OSPT Alliance boasts 88 members. IDEMIA is still deeply involved with the OSPT Alliance, promoting the CIPURSE™ standard worldwide.

IDEMIA has the largest CIPURSE™ product range on the market comprising more than 7 OSPT Alliance-certified products, all thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory. The cityGO CIPURSE™ product range is available on PVC or PET cards, and with Java or Native operating systems. It can also be offered as a multi-application card along with an EMV application. It enables advanced multi-service cards, such as social welfare cards, ID cards, campus cards, city cards, etc.


CityGO CIPURSE™ products use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptography to ensure state-of-the-art security.

Open standard

The IDEMIA cityGO CIPURSE™ product range gives you complete monopoly-free OSPT initiative benefits – driving ticketing industry open standardization and ensuring quick and easy product upgrades.

Global reach

The OSPT Alliance has a global reach thanks to worldwide member contribution and it ensures that the IDEMIA product range is perfectly tailored to transport market needs.

CIPURSE™ certificates enable IDEMIA to offer products in all forms
CIPURSE™ certification

All our products have been thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory. Our certificates are available on the OSPT Alliance website

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