Contactless ten-fingerprint solution for travel

Verifying traveler’s identity in less than one second with MorphoWave™ TP

MorphoWave™ TP IDEMIA

Contactless fingerprint acquisition at borders speeds up the capture process and mitigates hygiene concerns, resulting in greater efficiency—and a better travel experience.

Adapted to a wide range of use cases, such as border controls, IDEMIA MorphoWave™ TP provides a unique, field-proven fingerprint solution for frictionless processing at air, land, and sea borders. It offers contactless, on-the-move ten-fingerprint capture (four fingers simultaneously plus a thumb) for enrollment and identity verification with one device. MorphoWave™ TP – the only touchless fingerprint solution of its kind – scans high-quality fingerprint images and confirms the traveler’s identity in less than one second with a simple, hygienic wave of a hand.

Compatible with existing contact fingerprint databases, this contactless fingerprint scanner is suitable for various border crossing points where high throughput, security, and convenience are key. Typical applications include self-service kiosks, eGates, and manual counters.

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  • High quality scans

    MorphoWave™ TP contactless fingerprint scanner ensures optimum fingerprint texture, shape, and curvature capture for rich, high-quality ten-fingerprint images.

  • High usability

    MorphoWave™ TP enables high traveler throughput thanks to on-the-move identity verification. With no latent print left on the scanner, this contacless fingerprint solution does not require regular cleaning.

  • High adaptability

    MorphoWave™ TP’s sleek and compact design provides an optimized thumb-print capture of either the left or right hand in any direction. Compatible with dry, wet, dirty or damaged fingers, it guarantees fingerprint capture for a wide range of travelers.

MorphoWave™ TP, contactless ten-fingerprint solution for travel
MorphoWave™ TP, contactless ten-fingerprint solution for travel
Biometrics for public security, travel, and identity

Biometrics for public security, travel, and identity

Biometrics refer to all processes used to recognize, authenticate and identify persons based on certain physical or behavioral characteristics. IDEMIA has more than 40 years of biometric expertise, constantly innovating to meet the requirements of governments and critical infrastructures.

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