Accelerating facial recognition for people on the move


In a busy, security-conscious environment, capturing the biometrics of people on the move - without slowing them down - has long been a challenge. Today, MFace offers a reliable and accurate solution for capturing facial biometrics. No need to stop, no bottlenecks, no delays. MFace authenticates a continuous flow of people walking through a designated area in real-time using independently proven facial recognition technology and efficient 3D video tracking.

MFace by IDEMIA is the ideal facial capture solution for a wide range of applications at automated border control, self-service touchpoints such as self-bag-drop and self-boarding in airports. It can be deployed as a standalone device or as a kit for integration into existing equipment.

High throughput, high security

Recognition is achieved instantly using 3D face capture and matching process, without making any compromises in terms of image capture or performance.


For users, MFace is a fast and intuitive solution that requires minimal cooperation and keeps them moving seamlessly toward their destination point. It captures the face while the user is doing something else.

Low cost of ownership

With no moving parts or lighting and an open software architecture, MFace costs little to operate and maintain and is easy to integrate into an application workflow.

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